Will rice or alka-seltzer kill a pigeon?

Humans love the easy way out, so people are quick to jump on the bandwagon that tossing dried rice or alka-seltzer will solve a pigeon problem. While it's true that rice does expand considerably when it gets wet, this rumor is a myth. Yes, a pigeon could get sick from eating too much of the wrong thing, but most birds have the ability to regurgitate, and pigeons are no exception. In the case of alka-seltzer, the Internet seems to think a bird will explode due to the gas this product generates, but believe it or not, birds can burp, so this, too, is a myth. If you want to kill pigeons, your best option is to shoot them. Yes, that sounds harsh, but if you really want them dead, this is the most efficient and humane way to do it. Do not try to poison pigeons. Poison is less humane than shooting, and you risk putting poison out into the ecosystem. Ultimately, you can get rid of pigeons through some simple exclusion methods. While they can definitely be nuisances, there may not be any need to kill them. Encourage them to move elsewhere with things like bird netting, electric stripping, and bird spikes.

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