Trenton Bird Control Bird control is an art that can be performed in a variety of ways. Different species of birds are protected under our federal system. Therefore, improper removal, control, or disturbance of their nest, the eggs, and the birds may subject you to costly fines and punishments. Whether you have a common bird pest such as starlings, sparrows, pigeons, or a protected animal, we can recommend the best solution. We are armed with all types of physical barriers, such as bird slopes that will keep them away from your ledges, bird nets, and spikes. We will install this in an inconspicuous manner that will not affect the aesthetic appeal of your house. There are certain situations where it is necessary to perform an aggressive trapping procedure. The traps that we use are all humane and can capture multiple birds at the same time. We also have an electric deterrent; the shock that it will release will only startle the bird; it will not be enough to kill the animal. If you need a free quote for our services or need a free inspection, call our hotline today. We have a team of well-trained customer support experts that will walk you through the whole process. They are also professionals in providing recommendations through our free online consultation.

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